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the old viking spirit..

February 27, 2010

the old viking spirit.., originally uploaded by julochka.

living in denmark for over a decade now, i sometimes despair that i don’t see much of the old viking spirit left. so i wrote…

“sometimes i look around me and wonder where the old viking spirit went…it seems so remote from the insular little inward-looking, outward-fearing denmark i see before me.

i wish there was a call or a sound that would awaken it once again – the bravery, the adventure, the know-how, the exploring spirit.

then, there are time when the wind is just right and you can hear the echoes of those heroic times and you get the urge to take off and EXPLORE.”

the photos are ones i took of ships at the viking ship museum in roskilde.

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  1. February 27, 2010 1:50 PM

    The spirit to explore where did it go?

    Did it disappear through the passage of time?
    Is it buried so deep that we can’t reach it any longer?
    Maybe we are slowly and surely conformed into a state of sleeping apathy
    Maybe our society wants to rely just on systems?

    Or the excitement of living and doing this differently isn’t valued as much anymore by the individual or society at large. But if we keep doing what we always did, we end up in a coma.

    Just decided what my springresolution is going to be.

    I want to live , therefore I listen to the wind and try to hear the spirit of the explorer.

    Will you join me?

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