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Soujournal: a collaborative journey

February 19, 2010

With the idea that others will take our journal and make it theirs, I have left some of the pages I’ve done incomplete. For a couple of them, I’ve created backgrounds and added prompts, ideas on what the pages could include… for others to interpret as they wish… This is one example:

I’m really looking forward to seeing what people do with those!

My first page is also a work in progress. I’ve added certain elements that encapsulate what I think the soujournal project is. I’d like others who get the journal after me to add something to the page, something that reflects what Soujournal means to them.

I’m sure people would come up with very different ideas and inspiration for the project, so I’m curious to see what this page looks like at the end of the project…

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  1. julochka permalink*
    February 22, 2010 7:16 AM

    oh, blanca, that’s a great idea. and would totally work for me, as sometimes, i have the b/g, but lack the words. 🙂 i’ll try that with the next one.

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