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mwah haw haw ha haw!

June 20, 2010

I have just finished the last pages of my art journal (which is actually Polly’s) and by the time you read this, it will be in Vera’s hot little hands because she is coming to pick me up very soon. One step ahead of you all!!! Come on, I’m waiting for the next one!

Stacey Marie

daily art journaling in mini format

March 11, 2010

52Q done!, originally uploaded by Sherri P eh.

i just ran across this inspiring piece on flickr – there’s a whole group of people art journaling every day. this was such a cool mini journal. click to her photostream for more views of it.

how cool is that? and the fact that it’s mini means you don’t have to do something BIG every day! 🙂

soujournal – inside cover moo pocket

March 8, 2010

soujournal – inside cover moo pocket, originally uploaded by julochka.

if there’s anything you know about me, it’s that i adore moo cards. because of this, i couldn’t resist attaching a little MOO envelope that one of my moo card keychain cases came in to the front inside cover of the journal i sent on its way. of course, i then filled it with my moo cards and i wrote a little note suggesting that you take one, leave one or abandon them in some random place (a coffee shop springs to mind). i hope you guys will do so!


March 8, 2010

I have just finished a page of Polly’s journal (which got to me a week ago and has been sitting patiently waiting for some attention…). It’s is such a pretty journal, puts my boring one to shame… I will just have to do better next time.

It has made itself at home on my desk though 🙂

The first post answered a question Polly asked which I quite often ask myself “where is home”. I think it is significant that you three are all imports to your current country… you will probably have a deeper view of the idea of home than I do…

I’m excited about exploring the other ideas she has in there!

And ladies, I have to admit that I haven’t been on this site much lately, and was pleasantly surprised with all the posts, Blanca and Julie, your journals are looking A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I can’t wait to have a good look through them!

soujournal project – butterflies

March 4, 2010

soujournal project – butterflies, originally uploaded by julochka.

elizabeth says it’s the year of the butterfly. a year of unfurling and becoming something beautiful.

these are my first try at monoprints and i had to include it in the soujournal journal…i used a rainbow of pastels and traced around a few of the butterflies. i think i’ll get braver on the monoprint thing.

on a good note, tho’ this is still a page from my original journal that i sent to polly, my next journal, from blanca has arrived and is patiently waiting for me to dig in.

the old viking spirit..

February 27, 2010

the old viking spirit.., originally uploaded by julochka.

living in denmark for over a decade now, i sometimes despair that i don’t see much of the old viking spirit left. so i wrote…

“sometimes i look around me and wonder where the old viking spirit went…it seems so remote from the insular little inward-looking, outward-fearing denmark i see before me.

i wish there was a call or a sound that would awaken it once again – the bravery, the adventure, the know-how, the exploring spirit.

then, there are time when the wind is just right and you can hear the echoes of those heroic times and you get the urge to take off and EXPLORE.”

the photos are ones i took of ships at the viking ship museum in roskilde.

dreaming of summer in winter

February 24, 2010

dreaming of summer in winter, originally uploaded by julochka.

closing in on the last of my pages (well, sorta). we’ve had so much snow this winter, much more than usual and it’s stayed around, rather than melting, or being melted by rain as in more “normal” years.

this has been both good and bad. good because it’s not been so dreary, grey and dark, but bad because we’re really, really, really ready for spring. i need to see green again.

and even more, i need some sunshine, so i made a page where i said i was dreaming of summer.

i used very few words on this page and let the pretty papers and the art aspect of art journaling take center stage. pretty papers from sassafras lass and basic grey (in case anyone wonders). fabulous japanese washi tape (i love that stuff) and a photo of my yellow chucks from last summer, held down with woodgrain contact paper.